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bandpass filters

  1. Holes Flow

    How to trigger my DS1054Z with a DG1022Z sweep?

    Experts, Objective/Goal: I have these 2 critters, and I want to use the scope as a poor-man's SA for just audio (up to 20kHz). Desired: I will set up a sine sweep on the DG, and feed it to the DS. But I want the scope to trigger on the start (lowest freq) of the sweep each time. This way, I...
  2. C

    LED Audio Spectrum Analyzer

    Hello guys I'm trying to replicate this project https://makezine.com/projects/audio-spectrum-analyzer/ since I have quite a few LM324 laying around gathering dust. I've trying simulating it first via multisim before actually building and I keep getting an error. This is how one of the...
  3. blueboy

    Phase Shift problem in audio equilizer

    Hello everyone, I am new to filter design and I want to design an audio equalizer. I used Sallen key topology design calculator from: http://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/Sallen_Key_Bandpass_light.php I designed five band bandpass filter having simple low pass and high pass for initial and final...

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