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  1. J

    I need to build an LED strip to replace a 25W CCFL tube

    Im working on building LED strips that can be used in wacom cintiq 24HDs to replace the CCFLs when they fail because its not possible to access the lights , remove and replace, then close the monitor up again, plus the high voltage insulation isnt insulating properly, and the cherry on top is...
  2. J

    Is there a procedure or general guide for replacing the CCFL tubes in backlights

    I have a wacom cintique 24HD, an expensive monitor i got fairly cheap in a scam of sorts, i was sold a dying monitor, the tubes are on their last legs, they only really reared their weakness once it got really cold, which took a while since we had unseasonably warm weather from since i bought...
  3. C

    A question regarding checking backlight inverters for LED-backlit LCD Tv's.

    Hello, This is my first post here and i must say...this is a great forum! Anyways, I've been getting into repairing Tv's lately. I know my way around electronics pretty well but I am not really sure how to accurately test an LED backlight inverter. Normally, i will check the pins through trial...

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