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  1. D

    Can anyone help?!

    I am a final year product design student and desperately need advice on how the internal technical aspects of my product will work! It is a skincare (face only) dispenser with 5 individual 100 ml tubes that house the liquids. It will sit on a surface in the bathroom environment. I imagine each...
  2. polprog

    Making a thermocouple thermometer with AVRs

    Hi everybody, I recently started to make amateur EE videos. Can you tell me what do you think? Thanks, Chris
  3. Clarkdale44

    What are the alternatives i can use for SL100 Transistor and BT44 Triac?

    Hello I am thinking of building the below circuit but i am short on components. I have all the others except SL100 transistor and BT44 triac which i can't seem to find in any local store. If anyone can tell me what alternative components i can use for these two then please let me know i would...

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