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automatic battery charger

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    MAX712 NiMh battery charger problem

    Hello everyone, I hope you'll take few seconds to think about my problem, I actually did some troubleshooting. I just made a design for Max712/713 battery charger to charge a 2cell NiMh battery Input voltage is 6V, I took an MJD210 as mosfet. Please find the design in the picture below...
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    Can't get this Schmitt trigger to work proberly !

    Hi everyone I have assembled this circuit http://www.ecircuitslab.com/2011/11/normally-chargers-available-in-market.html and after many trials I got it to partially work, the problem is that, I can't get the relay to de energize it's a 6v relay with coil resistance of 100 ohm (instead of the...

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