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audio amplifiers

  1. learning

    SMPS Power Supply for LA 4440 IC

    Are this Chinese made SMPS power supply compatible with LA 4440 IC? I mean that can I use it for any audio amplifier or Bluetooth mp3 FM module? Please tell me! If I can use it, then please tell me how I can do it?
  2. A

    volume/output power control using a knob in TAS5424C-Q1

    Hi Folks, It seems that the gain in the IC TAS5424C-Q1 can be controlled using I2C protocol. But I'd like to keep it simple using a hardware (rotatory knob). Is it possible to control the volume and output power using hardware control such as a rotatory knob generally used in car head units...
  3. A

    car head unit power supply

    Hi Friends, Could you please clarify my below doubts on power supply to a car head unit in modern cars. 1) Is the power from alternator rectified and supplied to the head unit? or 2) Is the battery directly connected to the head? Or 3) Is the battery power boosted to 14.4 volts and...
  4. A

    25W*4 or 45W*2 which one will give better audio experience

    Hi Team, For an in car infotainment system which of the below configuration will give better audio experience. 4 channels (25 Watts each) 0r 2 channels (45 Watts each) Also, I'm thinking of using this IC for amplifier. Do you recommend any other amplifier? Thanks, Arun
  5. P

    General diagnosing of audio equipment

    Electronic knowledge - 4 out of 10 but moving up! Skills - Soldering - 7 out of 10, understanding schematics - 5, following troubleshooting guides - 8 Understanding basic electronic components and concepts - 5-6 Understanding datasheets - 6 Tools - really good variable temp soldering iron and...
  6. P

    Amplifying AC voltage via DC supply voltage

    Hi all, at the moment I'm trying to amplify an AUX-Signal with a 12V DC supply voltage. I tried die setup from here as u can see in the picture below. But all I get is just an annoying noise sounding horrible. For the amplifier I used both the CA3240EZ and the OPA134PA. Maybe my grounds are...
  7. U

    Speakers sound pressure level

    Hi all, I'm working on an audio circuit that is really space limited. I purchased miniature 12MM 8 ohm speakers from "no name" brand from aliexpress, these speakers don't have a datasheet. When I activated the circuit the sound is really low- even though the voltage on the speaker is 2V~3V. I...
  8. C

    Oscillating TDA7293

    I've build up the tippical application circuit for TDA7293 as the datasheet puts, but when I power it on, it oscillates! I tried putting an RC network at output as the modilar application shows ( in the same TDA7293' datasheet), but it did not fixed the problem, it still oscillates... does...

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