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  1. V

    How do I get two digit inputs using ASM for my Calculator using 8051?

    I chose to make a Calculator for my "Microcotrollers and Its Applications" course's Project component. I'm not really good at ASM progrmming, I'm more of a C guy (I'm not really good at programming microcontrollers though), but my faculty said the projects MUST be coded in ASM language. So I...
  2. Rich D.

    This simple PIC24 assembly code doesn't execute. I don't know why.

    After much grief getting assembly code to compile and download on MPLAB-X, I have everything I ever dreamed of, but this dream turned into something less than I expected. For reasons unknown to me, this simple LED flash code doesn't seem to execute. It does simulate OK in MPLAB V8.xx The two...
  3. Rich D.

    Assembly on the MPLAB-X IDE, how???

    Please excuse me if this was mentioned and addressed already, I looked and looked and didn't find anything... I want to program a PIC24FJGA204 chip using MPLAB-X IDE (v4.00). I have a sample code that downloads and runs correctly on the unit (a PIC24F Curiosity Development board). Of course...
  4. jakeselectronics

    PIC ASM LCD. Check out my code.

    Hey everyone. It's know it's been done 1000's of times before, BUT, I'm interested to know if the way I'm doing it is a good way. So basically I'm driving a 4x16 LCD (44780 controlled) in 4-bit mode. I set aside 64 bytes of ram (in bank 1) to use as LCD Character place holders. Throughout the...
  5. N

    Display number in a register on an LCD

    I am currently working with PIC microcontroller 16F877A. I am only allowed to work in Assembly (nothing high level like C). I have a number saved in a register. I need to display it on the LCD. I was thinking of separating the digits, then sending the ASCII value of each digit. The only issue...
  6. C

    Fire Alarm Code Help

    Need help with the following Homework assignment… Design a fire alarm system using a 8051 microcontroller. The specs are as follows: A) If the alarm is detected (one of the switches is activated) it should start flashing 4 LEDS (4 on the right (LEDS 1-4) and 4 on the left (LEDS 5-8)...
  7. Greital

    help with :::Generate a random number using interrupt:::

    hi still working on my 8051 project using assembly language, and now I'm in phase 4 --->>>> the last phase ;) in this phase we should generate 2 random numbers as following: 1. one digit (1-9) 2. two digit (10-99) and by using push button we pick randomly the number we have done one digit...

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