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assembly language

  1. K

    4-bit mode of LCD-1602 using 8052 µc

    I try writing "NO" in the LCD using 4-bit mode. So, I programmed the AT89S52 to send the upper nibble first to the last 4 data inputs of the LCD. I used AND operation to eliminate the lower nibble. Afterwards, I cleared the RS bit and send a HIGH-TO-LOW enable pulse. The same code for the lower...
  2. V

    How do I get two digit inputs using ASM for my Calculator using 8051?

    I chose to make a Calculator for my "Microcotrollers and Its Applications" course's Project component. I'm not really good at ASM progrmming, I'm more of a C guy (I'm not really good at programming microcontrollers though), but my faculty said the projects MUST be coded in ASM language. So I...
  3. L

    Digital Clock Using pic16f877a and assembly language

    Hi i have been trying to do my homework i have described in title. I made some searches but i couldn't find a good solution. Can anyone help me for the project?
  4. C

    assembly code with 16 memory locations, only need 2 locations

    Hi I am new to PIC Assembly coding, But have been using Arduino for a few years now. Any help with the following would be very much appreciated, and help me to understand the code. I have download a freely available .asm file for a signal generator and have the project working on a breadboard...
  5. B

    How to create an LSFR in Assembler

    Pic 16f887 So, I am basically trying to create an 8-bit LSFR... thats my task. I'm not sure really what they are - or how to implement them. Is anyone able to help? - Bob
  6. B

    Assembler Code Deciphering (beginner)

    XORWF X,w btfsc STATUS, Z Please could someone tell me what these two lines of code mean? - Bob
  7. Rich D.

    This simple PIC24 assembly code doesn't execute. I don't know why.

    After much grief getting assembly code to compile and download on MPLAB-X, I have everything I ever dreamed of, but this dream turned into something less than I expected. For reasons unknown to me, this simple LED flash code doesn't seem to execute. It does simulate OK in MPLAB V8.xx The two...
  8. E

    Please Help

    The project I am currently doing asks me the following: write a program for a PIC16F84A that converts your a number (10 ASCII characters), one character at a time, to the excess-three code. Each converted character is to be displayed on 4 LEDs connected to Port B (B0 to B3) of the...
  9. 2

    Program in assembly language for 8051 microcontroller that can perform floating point calculation

    Hello, How I can make a program in assembly language for the 8051 microcontroller that can perform floating point calculations?. Excuse my English, I 'm Hispanic and I found this excellent forum and want to see if any of you could help me with this problem. I need a way to perform calculations...

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