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arduino digital readout

  1. A

    Recording number of dig input state changes with Arduino

    Hello, looking to connect a rotary encoder (TTL output) directly to arduino, monitoring one channel. As motor turns 360 degrees, the state changes for one channel will be 1-0-0, or essentially 1 state change per turn. How can i record how many state changes have been completed? Does anyone...
  2. ClydeCrashKop

    Arduino Quadrature Decoder digital readout

    Long ago I bought a Mitutoyo linear scale for my milling machine. Not wanting to spend $3000.00 at the time, I interfaced it to a PC but that was inconvenient so I seldom used it. Now I have to do some precision gunsmithing and I needed a digital readout. I found some good quadrature code by...

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