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  1. A

    CAN transceiver internal circuitry working

    I was just trying to understand the CAN transceiver TJA1042T behavior during fault conditions: CANH short to BATT CANH short to GND CANL short to BATT CANL short to GND I'm powering on the transceiver IC and giving the TXD signal from the signal generator (a 0-5V square wave) and I'm...
  2. J

    Frequency Analysis in Multisim

    Hi, I wanted to find out the frequency range over which AD620 (an in-amp) works using Multisim. Is it possible to do so? Thanks
  3. mading2018

    THD in LTspice?

    Do anyone know how to check the THD (fft) in a easy way in LTspice? When I press the FFT-button, I got this window popping up. What should I select there? Maybe an alternative is to do this instead: I found somewhere that you need to write a SPICE directive like this: ".fourier {Freq}...

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