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  1. L

    Audio amplifier help

    I tinker with small class d amp chips. I'm currently working on a MIX2052 chip 8 pin. Google shows only 1 schematic. Built amp. Amp clips at higher volumes. Does anyone know what filters I can try or any other way to eliminate the clipping? I am using a 4 ohm 3 watt speaker with a 2200maH 3.7...
  2. H

    Voltage amplifier, Av=5400. Solutions ?

    I have to design a sinusiodal voltage amplifier with a voltage gain of 5400 and a specified bandwitdh . Wich soluttion is better :with transistors or with OA?
  3. ElectronicTy

    Feedback in amplifiers

    What is the effect of negative feedback on circuit gain, bandwidth and stability?

    A Wearable Sound-to-light Display

    Hi there, Someone has posted it online, but I need to explain it more clearly. Take a look in the circuit, 1. First stage of the amplifier looks non inverting inputs are getting voltage drop, using divider R2 and R4, while inverting input is connected with same voltage source droping at R1...
  5. E

    Solid-state audio amplifier complexity vs valve/tube

    This posts aims to get opinions about why solid-state audio amplifier circuits are almost invariably much more complex than valve/tube amplifier circuits. One could think that, if a good tube circuit is just redone, susbtituting each tube by a transistor (common cathode by a common...
  6. I

    Schmitt Triger with dynamic hysteresis [help]

    I'm making an assignment on this topic but so far I've encountered a few problems that I can't figure out. For the OA I've used LM324 whose output voltage is Vcc-1.5V.So for my case I've made these calculations with input voltage of 10 V. I have τ=100uS.UTHL= ±1mV UTHH=±1V I can't reach the...

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