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adjustable voltage regulator

  1. L

    AOZ1280CI Buck Regulator Issues

    Hello everyone, I have attached a snip image of a design I am using and have been using for almost a year and a half now... Here is the story on the board. (Jump down to circuit explanation if you want) Last year, I made a few hundred using the MP2357 regulator, but since it went out of...
  2. G

    L200 Linear PSU with adjustable output Voltage and Current

    Hi to all. A few days ago, I started thinking to build on my own, a linear power supply able to output 30V 10 A. I chose to use the L200 IC, because I've got some of them and I want to use some components recovered from old boards. I started making the schematic following the application note...
  3. merooo2811

    Adjustable Dc Voltage Regulator

    Homemade Adjustable Dc Voltage Regulator by circuit, and you will learn about Dc Voltage Regulator and circuit by practical design and we will use lm350k. About adjustable dc voltage regulator design You will be able to edit output voltage by Variable resistance in the circuit, and the range of...

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