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  1. K

    4-bit mode of LCD-1602 using 8052 µc

    I try writing "NO" in the LCD using 4-bit mode. So, I programmed the AT89S52 to send the upper nibble first to the last 4 data inputs of the LCD. I used AND operation to eliminate the lower nibble. Afterwards, I cleared the RS bit and send a HIGH-TO-LOW enable pulse. The same code for the lower...
  2. S

    ATMEL89S8253, assembler

    Hello, I need to write a program in assembler for a microcontroller ATMEL89S8253 as a college job. The microcontroller is connected to a DOS computer with rs232. The program is supposed to rely on autorepets, after pressing the button is to send many characters, but no more than 2 per second. I...

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