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    555 with 74HC595 - no microcontroller

    hi everyone as a way of intro: I am new to this site and a relatively new electronics hobbyist. A quick summary of my circuit: I built a simple circuit with a 74HC595 w/ 8 output LEDs. I am looking to hook up the QH' back to the shift register's input pin. But, have not been able to get it...
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    Seven Segment Display Scrolling

    I am coding SSD display using 2 cascaded shift registers. I am using a mikroC for PIC compiler. I can display a static sequence of numbers upto 4 digits with my code #define SHIFT_CLOCK PORTB.F1 //Clock Connection of 74HC595 SSD Driver #define SHIFT_LATCH PORTB.F3 //Latch Connection...
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    Using 74HC595 Shift Registers without delay loop

    Hello All, I am using two 74HC595 Shift Resisters for a 4digit SSD. The problem is that the display needs to be delayed while scanning through the digits. I do not want to use delay since while the display is on, nothing can work as the processor is busy in delay loop. So I thought I will use...

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