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7 segment display

  1. R

    Need help designing 7 segment display.

    So I recently got my hands on a box of ne-2 neon bulbs and I wanted to make a 7 segment display with those bulbs but I need an opinion on how to interface an Arduino to them. I was thinking I could run the bulbs in parallel, (like in the picture below) and have a relay on each bulb. (Yes, I know...
  2. pradoartz

    Need working circuit for this "arduino based 7 segment counter || Finger Click speed || Race"

    Hello Friends, Please have a look in the video below. I am working in a project like this. This guy presents his code and circuit in his video description, code is perfectly compiling but the circuit is not good. Please help me in designing a good circuit for this project with all buttons and...
  3. priyanka.nivy

    Badminton Scoreboard

    Hello Friends, One of my friend started a Badminton Court. So i would like to present him a Scoreboard. I got some little knowledge in electronics. I am new to Arduino. I can buy him a ready-made one, but there is no fun in that. So friends please help me do design a scoreboard with HOME and...
  4. L

    Self-Stopping 99-0 Countdown Clock

    I am using multisim trying to make a self stopping down counter from 99-0. the only requirements are below! I've tried a few different ways and I have no idea. Please help!! · Build a 2-digit countdown clock using two 7-segment displays with the following characteristics: Make it countdown in...

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