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    input 9 bytes from PORTC and store them using strobed I/O.

    I can't figure out solution.I try but ı can't solve this.Here my code and question.Thanks for your help.Ouch, I almost forgot, I live in a third world country and we use 68hc11 for academic education (bs). LDX #REGBAS %MY...
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    Handling interrupts (IRQ/XIRQ) - MC68HC

    Previously i was created a different thread but it was not related to IRQ itself (i solved it by using a simple loop) This is the hardest "suggested" exercise shown in this chapter (interrups for the 68hc11); i need a 68HC11 hero over here; i want to solve it from the beggining til the end; i...
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    LDAA $0040 ; load memory location $0040 to Accumulator A STAA $0080 ; store Accumulator A to memory location $0080 can i do this with a single instruction ?
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    Write a program segment to do the following: “If bit 3 of Accumulator A is 1 go to location $1234 and continue execution from that location otherwise goto location $4321 and continue execution from that location” Content of Accumulator A should remain unchanged. This program segment maybe in any...
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    Write a program segment (at most two instructions) to clear the carry bit if Accumulator A contains an odd number, otherwise set the carry bit. The contents of AccA may be modified.

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