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555 timer

  1. sr13579

    How to stop 555 IC from heating up?

    I was trying to make a LED flasher with 555 IC. Then I thought how about I set a transformer with the output-ground pins. And I also reduced the resistance between 7 and 6 pin. And I am getting a 31V AC output from my transformer output panel. Looks like it is possible to make an inverter with...
  2. E

    LM335 to control 555 timer

    Hey, For my project I am trying to use a LM335Z to control the duty cycle of the output of a 555 timer. So the duty cycle output of the 555 timer is 5 to 95% is this possible? I had tried to use a thermistor to control the 555 timer to get a 5 to 95% duty cycle, with a 50% duty cycle at 25...
  3. V

    [Help] 555 IC Keeps Blowing Up

    Hi, I'm new to circuits and electronics stuff, so kindly help me to solve the issue. I'm trying to add led DRL to my car, everything is working well if I power my circuit with 9V battery, but if I connect it to car battery after 3-5 seconds it getting blown. I have no idea why it's happening...
  4. Jrohg

    Help with a timer 555

    hello i would like some help with a circuit i'm trying to make, here is what i want the circuit to do. The Input 12v And i want the Out put 12v Once power is applied to a 555 timer, I want an 12vLED to be on for 5 seconds, and cut off (NO FLASHING). Once power is taken off, and applied again...

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