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  1. E

    Can two N-Channel MOSFETs be connected in series to perform a "AND" function?

    Hello, I'm designing a circuit to ring a bell using a code set by the user. When powered the circuit steps through the code which is set via DIP switches to decide where a "ding" or a space should be within the code. Each "on" position within the code actuates a modified car relay which hits...
  2. E

    BJT or MOSFET for 4017 Relay Driver Circuit retaining High-Level Logic Output

    Hello there, I'll start by saying I'm by no means an expert in electronic design, so please bear with me. Also my schematic and the datasheets I'm using will all be attached to this post. I'm designing a circuit whereby the output of a 4017B IC is driving a relay via a BC337-25 BJT Transistor...
  3. DannyDilla

    74HC164 + ULN2803 LED CHASER

    So a buddy of mine (Hi Bernard!) on another forum suggested I use a shift register for an idea I had. A little background--I'm pretty fresh out of college and I work with high voltages all day; mainly analog power, PCB Design, soldering, Hi-Pot and UL Certification. Digital Electronics is...
  4. G

    Lm3914 and a couple of 4014s

    It's not practical I know, but I thought it would be fun. A 200 LED oscilloscope as a good soldering project for low speed, simple projects etc, ie: 555 projects. Easy I thought, use the LM3914 to drive the ten vertical 10 LEDS while the two 4017s to handle the twenty horizontal LEDS in a 10x20...

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