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  1. J

    120W - 2N3055 Power Supply Progress

    Since my first thread on this Forum a few months ago quite a lot has happened. Firstly I must thank spec for all is help and advice. He has the patience of a saint and can come down to the level of a moron.:):oops: Secondly a slow realisation of what building a power supply means has occurred...
  2. J

    2N3055 and heat

    I have a 52V transformer that after rect. produces 3.3A at 52V. I wish to use either a LM317 or a LM338 with 2N3055 power transistors. If you run 2N3055's in parallel you are suppose d to have a resistor like a 0.1Ohm 10W from each emitter so that thermal runaway doesn't take place.Surely the...

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