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  1. D

    Missing datasheet from the new motordriver JYQD_7V.3E3 24V

    Has someone the new datasheet from the JYQD_7V.3E3 motordriver 24V (that one with the hall sensor pads on the side)? I can't find the new version or this one where the hall sensor pads aren't aligned...
  2. N

    Powered wheelchair motor. How to make it run?

    I have two 24V dc motors used in powered wheelchair. Not sure how to do connections to it. Please help. I have attached few pics of the motor and its extension. This is a part of a project to redesign a powered wheelchair. To start with the project I need to check, what all components work. For...
  3. F

    12v output or 24v output???

    Likely a silly question for the rest of you, but something I need to know and don't know now. Working with a 12 volt automotive system, if you were to tie into EACH of the two brake light power supplies (right side and left side - perhaps about 6 inches back from the actual brake light...

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