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  1. sr13579

    How to set up my 220V to 9Vx2 transformer?(What is wrong?)

    So I tried to make an adaptor that can give me voltage around 9-10 Volts. There are total 5 wires as you can see in the attached image. I am using a 1000 uF(25V) capacitor parallely after the bridge diodes as said. But the capacitor is heating up and I think the lid/head of the capacitor is...
  2. B

    220v to 12 V for a big load winch

    Hi everybody, I am not only new here but have little to no clue about electrics/electronics, but a question, where I am hoping to get some ideas/answers. I have purchased a winch enabling me to pull our boat on a trailer in and out of the water on a ramp. The winch requires 12V and I would like...

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