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  1. jakeselectronics

    PIC ASM LCD. Check out my code.

    Hey everyone. It's know it's been done 1000's of times before, BUT, I'm interested to know if the way I'm doing it is a good way. So basically I'm driving a 4x16 LCD (44780 controlled) in 4-bit mode. I set aside 64 bytes of ram (in bank 1) to use as LCD Character place holders. Throughout the...
  2. ClydeCrashKop

    ADXL345 Accelerometer and 18F4550 in Hi-Tech C

    This program displays the 3 axis output from an ADXL345 Accelerometer and 18F4550 in Hi-Tech C. Specifically the little GY-291 board available cheap on eBay. There are pull-ups on the board to solve the 3 volt problem. I got some info from Ngoc Chung Hoang using CCS compiler ADXL345 + Pic...

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