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Single and Dual LM3914 V3.0 Calculator

    Blog entry posted in 'General Purpose Circuits.', May 15, 2010.

    The Dual LM3914_CalcV3.0. exe file requires the Visual Basic 5 or 6 runtime files. .
    Having the two LM3914's, its possible to configure them in series to give a 20 LED display.
    Be sure to follow the datasheet showing the actual interconnections required between the two LM3914's.

    It is possible to select the basic configurations for the two LM3914's.
    Note: The Visual Basic runtime files are often required for many web sourced programs.

    It is recommended that you download the Datasheet for the device from www.datasheetarchive.com
    Ensure that your designs are within the stated operating parameters of the device.

    June 2011:
    added the Single LM3914 Calculator

    Apr12: added an example for a 12V vehicle battery status indicator.

    musblnk1, June 08, 2010
    Is it possible to use the calculator on Windows 7? Waiting for your helpful response. [URL="http://www.monitorusb.com"]USB Monitoring[/URL]
    morse w, January 27, 2013
    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your calculator, it certainly removes some of the manual equations. I'll still need to breadboard my device before implementing to see if anything needs playing with (i may need a comparitor/opamp to boost or rectify the signal, unsure yet). My device is a miniature VU for a headphone amplifier, i'm slightly modifying a circuit by NwAvGuy (o2 amplifier) but this VU part will fit somewhere and will power only on DC jack input to save the battery power when mobile, i'm making it mostly from SMD except some of the chips as they're quite costly in sop/ssop/tsop but have worked my design on Eagle and the mirrored circuit looks quite nice. when i've worked out how to etch copper tape on glass and solderd the parts (i've tested the copper tape to glass and soldering with success) i'll post a few pictures somewhere with a step by step guide, i'm not planning to built too many..... its just something i fancy doing for myself, i'm no techy...... merely a cashier for William Hill bookies but i enjoy a challenge. anyway.... sorry for rattling on..... thanks again for sharing. Best regards, Wayne.
    THENUKE, March 20, 2018
    It doesn't work! I can't open it! It says that MSVBVM50.dll is missing!

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