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Part 5: More Parts On The Way.

Blog entry posted in 'Hunter Killer', Aug 26, 2009.

I’ve ordered a few more parts which are needed for phase 1.

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 2.56 inch 6 Blade

Code (text):
Blade Diameter: 66mm / 2.56inch
Outer Case Diameter: 70mm
Wall Thickness: 1.9mm
EDF Length: 61mm
Front Shroud Diameter: 81mm
Motor Mount Holes: (Adjustable, from 25~26mm)
Blade Type: 6
Shaft Size: 3mm

Recommended Motor: 380 / 28-47 9 Turn
ESC: 36A
Rpm: 4,000kv
Power: 750~950g Thrust
This is a fantastic EDF unit, the look, size and specifications are perfect! One problem I see is the motor that I ordered has a shaft of 2.26mm which could pose a problem. But hey, we’ll resolve that problem when we need to.

Hitec HS-55 Micro Servo Motor

Code (text):
Speed (sec/60o): 0.14
Torque (Kg-cm/Oz-in): 1.3/18
Size (mm): 23 x 12 x 24
Weight (g/oz): 8/0.28
Servos will tilt the EDF units, 2 have been ordered. Another component that may cause an issue, this is due to the torque being rather low. But again we will have to do this by trial and error.

SFE Single Axis ±300°/s Gyro Breakout Board - LISY300AL

Code (text):
Complete rate gyroscope on a single chip
Single Axis 300 degree per second maximum range
Low power single axis gyro
Comes fully populated and tested
Dimensions: 0.8" x 0.8"
The gyro will allow the Axon micro controller to determine the angle of the HK which will keep the craft stable while hovering – which is actually more a phase two feature but it will be important to start work on this early..

Next testing, then construction… We’re well committed now!

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  1. FregO
    Hi Electro...can you tell us how you stay with the mashine???
    FregO, Nov 21, 2009