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New PSU Lambda LFS-46-12

    Blog entry posted in 'Lab equipment', May 23, 2014.

    I bought recently this robust 12v/51.5A PSU from fellow member, and for very reasonable price. the reason i bought it was mainly the reason that only more powerful 12v PSU i have is computer power supply and car battery. Car battery simply is pretty dangerous to use indoors, and pc psu isn't designed for this kind of testing.

    After receiving the unit, first thing i had to do was to open it and clean it. Good thing that i opened it, as the cooler fan was damaged, probadly during transport. It was easy fix, as there was only casing support resisting fans rotation. Other thing i noticed, was that psu was designed the way it's impossible to open it without first disconnecting power leads, which is good considering safety. Otherwise too, build guality is superb, these PSU's are made to last long time! Only thing i didn't like was lockable connectors, but at least they are secure!.

    Now then, before powering up, it needs some wiring. I had some ''junk'' cable lying around, normal household plug, with earthing. Indeed, this unit also has possiblity to use isolated minus wire, or hard-earth (+_gnd_-) which is good also. Also, it accepts voltages from 110 to 220, depending where you live (0_110_220). Also, it has possiblity to use remote on/off,but i didn't bother with it just yet, as it turns on, and i turn it on via external mains switch. On 12v side thought, it was next to impossible to find suitable size >51.5amps switch, so i skipped it for now.

    After brief testing for O/P voltage and such, next step was to build safe ouput cabling. I had to make some shopping around to find pretty much all i needed for 12v/51.5A needs. I bought 16mm2 silicone cable, fuse & fuse box (midi), alligator clips (douple insulated) terminals for 16mm2 cable, and finally suitable tool for those terminals. I had my buddy to buy it for me, and ship it, as i did't find it locally, and as it turned out, 10euros tool was worth it (believe or not!)
    Sure crimpers for this job would' been better, but too pricey locally. Only thing left to do is some final covering for o/p terminals, and case for fuse box along ammeter which is coming from china, hopefully it works...Also i'll make one set of wires for less-than 50 A operationgs.

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    tunedwolf, May 24, 2014
    Nice job Fez, it cleaned up really well. I love Lambda stuff, it is always solid built, really well engineered and 100% reliable.
    fezder, May 24, 2014
    same here, they are always too pricey, but top guality is not cheap!

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