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LED Light in Japan

    Blog entry posted in 'LED Light', February 24, 2015.

    Energy-saving LED traffic lights seemed like a cool way to cut back on electricity costs, but Japanese police said Monday they might just be too cool -- because they don't melt snow.
    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) account for around 45 percent of all of Japan's stop-and-go signals and that proportion is growing as local authorities cotton on to their economising possibilities compared with regular incandescent lights.

    But in wintery northern Japan the lights have encountered a problem -- drivers can't see them because they don't get warm enough to melt accumulated snow.

    Akira Kudo of Aomori Prefectural Police said snow has to be removed manually between December and mid-February during blizzards.

    "We don't have enough staff members to remove snow as more and more LED lights are being introduced," he said.

    LED lighting is becoming ever more popular in public and private spaces because of its lower energy consumption.

    The technology has been big news in Japan since three local-born physicists won the Nobel Prize last year for the development of the blue LED, the breakthrough that led to the white LED now commonly used worldwide.

    Fine more at LED Perimeter Display

    Tony Stewart, April 17, 2015
    Audi and others have previously used water spray for lens cleaning, which ought to work for LEDs with suitable antifreeze same used for windshields. I think it was nobel of the prize fee, due to litigation costs in the past , Nichia probably could not reward the scientists enough. Meanwhile China has ignored all Patent infringements in the past, which are possibly now expired.

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