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Isolation transformer & variac combo

    Blog entry posted in 'Lab equipment', November 05, 2013.

    Hey all, seems i forgot totally to post about this. I asked help from forums, and again, thanks for your help, even thought this is ''safe'' equipment, it still gives lethal shock. So, i say this now, just for safety's sake: Dont make this at home (funny thought, i did this at home...), if you do, don't blame me if you get shocked/burn your house. Ok, enought of that, but seriously thought, 230vac even isolated, is dangerous.

    But, here's the basic idea: this big brick, (I can tell you, this is one of those equipments which make you think twice, do you carry this around, or that gadget/other thing what you are going to test) is just isolation transformer and variac combo, along with ammeter/voltmeter. As current ratings are different for variac and IT (isolation transformer), they have different size of fuses. And, of course, input side too has fuse.
    It 'aint pretty, but as it is for maker himself, and tool, it suits just fine. Perhaps i'll add some paint/other furbishment, once i have anought money and time.
    And, even thought i ranted bit about safety precautions, i too make mistakes, we all are humans, no one wants intentionally zap or him/herself. At least if person is sane that is.
    But, see photos and schematic. and feel free to comment! :)
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