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How fast is my RC car!

Blog entry posted in 'RC Car Fun!', Jan 21, 2012.

Well, lately I've been having some fun with my RC Car and thought I'd try to measure how fast it goes as I've got a new brushless motor (Ezrun 9T/4300Kv), 60 amp ESC, and a few long lasting LiPo batteries.

Image 1: My iPhone 4s is going to put itself on the line for the good of RC. This app was free and looked pretty good. Not sure how accurate it will be at detecting speeds when only doing about 100m each direction.

Image 2: Here is my car with new motor, esc and battery. Now I just need to attache the phone.


Image 3: Phone Attached.

Below are some videos of the car going.



The speedometer recorded a max reading of 34Mph (54.7Kmh). I was very impressed!
  1. Mikebits
    Wow, that thing was bookin, pretty cool. Had the dogs in the hood going crazy too :)
    Mikebits, Feb 2, 2012