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Help building a motion sensor

Blog entry posted in 'motion sensor', Jun 5, 2016.

I need some help on what to get and how to do it cheep as i can and simplest way........what im doing is i need to make a sensor of some kind on a 1/24 scale slot car track.....when the car passes thru the sensor it will turn a light then have a reset button to turn it off and reset it.......any suggestions on how i can do this as cheep as possible...thanks
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  1. vanan
    You can use IR sensor or ultrasonic sensor for this
    vanan, Jun 16, 2016
  2. fezder
    Yeah, sensors that could be used are IR, ultrasonic, or capacitive/inductive, but IR is most likely the cheapest. Depending how you want to build it, options to turn on light is either what I could now think is latching flip-flop, that is reset, or if you want to make this with microcontroller, sensor is tied to interrupt, gives out boolean, which is then cleared with switch.
    fezder, Jun 25, 2016
  3. Jweimolding
    use IR sensor
    Jweimolding, Dec 28, 2016