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Finally got isolation transformer!

    Blog entry posted in 'Lab equipment', June 22, 2013.

    Just a small post from my another jackpot, if that is right to say. I've looked everywhere for isolation transformer for measuring purposes with scope and such. Well, i must confess, i have made my earlier measurements with scope scope plugged in non-earthed socket, yes i know it's pretty dangerous business to use any earthed equipment in non-earthed socket but at least there is no worries about blowing scope with earth probe. But, enough of that, now i just need to make suitable case, and my idea is to build also variac-isolation transformer combo, along with ampmeter and voltmeter, so it would be safer to test equipment and ''play'', yes, i know well enough that line voltage is dangerous even from isolation transformer!. These transformers i got have two 1:1 5A windings, so it should be sufficient for my needs. And, the variacs i got, can be paralleled to increase current handling. By solo-operating, they are rated for 4 amps. just need to add thermal overload and automatic-fuse along with possible inrush-current spike suppressor, which i also salvaged from junk yard.

    And, of course, this is indeed dangerous business, so if you have ANY words to say about safety, i'm more than pleased hearing it! :).


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