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Enclosed variac and solder-rack for soldering iron

    Blog entry posted in 'Lab equipment', August 29, 2014.


    Made these additions for my lab, and figured to share these for you.

    Enclosed variac is just that: variac inside plastic box, with banana posts, fuse, meters, and labels. This is quite handy for small-power things, but lack of isolation must be kept in mind, like with oscilloscope probing (bang!...). Led's are in mains power, with resistors that limit current around 1ma, which is enought for indications. And it's safe, as it's enclosed. Diode (1n4007) is also installed to prevent too big reverse voltage/current. Switch is just normal 2P/ST
    rocker switch, and variac itself is rated for 0.5A


    Now then, the solder-rack was today's invention, as i had enough of taking solder with less-practical means (and i am cheap to buy shop-made). Rack is completely hand made by off-the-shelf parts, there is only simple m6 bolt, fastened to solder roll with lock nut. The metal part where bolt is, is leftovers from that ericsson PSU hack (i recycle things pretty well)


    Thanks for interest! :)


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