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DIY SMD pick & place vacuum

    Blog entry posted in 'Projects', August 28, 2015.

    Semi-auto SMD pick'n place machine. inspiration came when i got fed up with contsantly losing grip on SMD stuff due lack of vacuum.


    Finished product, reversed aquarium air-pump (the pump used to deliver AIR to aquarium, used also to keep fishing baits fresh)
    other accessories needed were (vacuum hose, 4/6mm in/out diameter)
    Regulation vent came with pump, regulation is applied by own finger, instead of thump-screw wich was at vent.

    Tips came with manual version, with the pen itself one can use as much imagination as one needs/has...., why not even 3d-printer?
    Heatshrink is mainly for comfort, and the spring at the end of the pen is from 6.4mm stereo jack, mainly for protecting vacuum hose.

    pump :Tetra aps 100 (100l/h, 50-100l aquariums) 27.30€ local pet shop

    Hose : ah 50-400 (4/6mm diameter 2.5m long, better too long than to short eh?)
    3.90€ local pet shop
    The manual version is available from pretty much any electrnics shop, i bought mine from proto advantage mainly for basket-fill, 15€.

    Only filter is left to add, so no depris gets sucked in and ruin day.


    The pump in its simplicity, transformer doesn't need any tinkering, but the vent part need to be reversed (that part with rubber pump-thingy, gets off easily)


    This is the reversed situation, in this case, bigger o-ring is up, towards the transformer.

    Joe G, August 30, 2015
    Nice idea, I've been using a syringe with a spring inside all these years, I had a new duel fish tank air-pump laying around and now I have a pick-n-place vacuum and the other outlet for blowing air. It works great! Thanks for the great idea!
    fezder, August 30, 2015
    Glad it was helpful to you :) wasn't mine idea from the start, found it originally just by browsing BTW, i made few tests, this model can lift even heatsinks for to-3/220 size, so that quite well proves it should hold even bigger packages like FPGA and such

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