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Datasheet for STK621-210B or replacement part

Blog entry posted in 'STK621-210B', Oct 11, 2017.

Hi !
I am facing problem in repairing a Muratec Inverter drive (from Murata Machinery , Japan ). Model no. is 008-N3530-40 ; Input voltage - 280 -325 V DC , Capacity - 1.1 KVA , 3 ampere. I have checked all components but stuck up in repairing a IGBT module - STK621-210B . Now without datasheet or pin block diagaram I am unable to check if IGBT is faulty. I have checked entire google but nowhere datasheet / pin block diagram is available. Though the product is available physically in china , they are not willing to share datasheet. It is Sanyo semiconductor product . Sanyo has been taken over by ON Semiconductor. I have contacted On Semiconductor and also Murata , Japan. But got no help.
So i need help . Can anyone help with datasheet or pin configuration block diagram for fault finding ?? Also can anyone suggest equivalent replacement for the same ?? Pls. refer attachment for photo of the part.

Thanks , someone pls. help

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