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Basic 3 Digit LED Decade Up/Down Counter1

    Blog entry posted in 'General Purpose Circuits.', February 16, 2010.

    Basic 3 Digit LED Decade Up/Down Counter1 using 74LS192, 74LS247, Common Anode LED's and 555 one second timer.

    The second circuit is for 120Sec up counter.

    Added a 2 digit up/down counter with push button control.

    Double Click the image to enlarge it.:)

    Added a 2 digit up/down counter with preload and 1 sec timer.


    con-!, April 18, 2010
    dear Mr. Gibbs, I have created a digital clock using pretty much the integrated circuits you are using. Instead of using the timer as the clock driver for the circuit... how can a crystal oscillator be designed in order to drive the counter. I have tried many designes such as the Pierce oscillator, 4061 IC ans series RLS circuit but none of the function properly on the simulator.
    glenn casiano, March 26, 2012
    How to make a circuit of an up down counter using 7 segment LED with the interfacing in the computer using parallel port........
    Mo Morales, January 04, 2018
    Very cool! Thanks for posting the various iterations of your circuit.

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