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Bad news....

Blog entry posted in 'Other, ''random''', Jul 9, 2013.

Little update:

i was taking measures with ESR meter in case of bad caps. then i saw that it broke, don't know why, but it shows .25 value instantly upon startup. no shorts, bad solderings, cracks etc to be seen. and, i discharged the cap i working on, and this meter have over-voltage protection. well, i contacted the manufacturer, and he agreed to repair it for no cost. I must ask him to tell what was the fault, if he repairs it, as it would be excellent education for me too. well, **** happens sometimes, luckily it wasn't scope (knockin' on wood here...)

i havent sent it yet, so if you have any ideas, feel free to tell them :) the model is EVB ESR meter
  1. charles maki
    esr meter, you would have to see it.but bad caps,especially in the vertical output section of t.v.or in the B+ section of voltages coming off of your horizontal flyback for the vertical output B+,look hard at those little caps, typical values-10-100 uF @ 100 vdc,and you wontalways be pulling out that esr meter except to confirm that those caps are bad.
    charles maki, Aug 27, 2014
  2. fezder
    btw, forgot to update, the meter was repaired, and repairer was confused, as he didn't know its fault...
    fezder, Aug 28, 2014