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Addition to lamda LFS-46-12 (fusebox, etc)

    Blog entry posted in 'Lab equipment', June 27, 2014.

    This post is just update to show what cind of fuse box and other stuff i made to make this psu-beastie complete in terms of saftety and practicality.

    first thing was adding fuse. I installed it inside plastic box, along with ammeter/shunt resistor combo. connections itself were pretty simple, fuse first from psu, then shunt, which has ammeter in paraller with it. I couldh've installed normal volt meter with appropriate scale instead of ammeter, but i decided to install BNC connector in paraller with shunt. this must be kept in mint when probing if i use this someday in earth-reference. Currently it's floating.

    Problem was to place all big-gauge wires and stuff inside box....it was pretty tight!
    Those big alligator clips are rated 1KA so theyr'e bit too beefy, but those are best insulated ones i could find locally.
    Those big connectors at 16mm2 cable are heavy-duty connectors for trucks, rated 600v/75A, and can be paralled. They were bit pricey, around 4 euros piece!

    the reason i added connectors were simple: easier storage, more convenient to use different test cables, and no need to change whole cable if it gets damaged.

    Now then, the smaller side for bit smaller amps. In that i used 14awg silicone wire, currently 15A fuse. Connectors in middle are normal abiko inside enclosure. Enc connectors are insulated female 4mm banana posts.

    Other safety features i added were plastic wall for mains cables, except ground. Also to protect psu from accidental S/C to terminals BEFORE fuse, i added small wall of plastic to protect terminals if something, say knife drops at them.

    that's all, hope you liked, feel free to comment and subscr....oh, wait this 'aint youtube :D

    87085 87086 87087 87088

    tunedwolf, June 27, 2014
    You sir have taken this wee supply to a whole new level :)
    fezder, June 28, 2014
    yeah, maybe i little overdo it, but i think it would been more practical to use circuit breakers instead of one-shot fuses. But, that's why i installed ammeter, for adjusting load so it doesnt blow fuse....but in current way, it's easier to change fuse according to needs, of course not bigger than 50 amps :)

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