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Addition for ericsson 48v/12a PSU

    Blog entry posted in 'Lab equipment', August 17, 2014.

    Hey fellas,

    Made small but pretty practical and important addition for my another bigger-grade PSU. I wrote earlier about this PSU in my blog, check that out for background info.

    This addition consists of ammeter, switch, low-voltage side fuse, couple banana posts (gnd, +/-). Spacing between +/- is 2.75'' or whatever is used at those normal wall plug/scope adapters, just for practical reasons. This psu is floating so i installed both hard-earth and negative posts.

    Case itself for these stuff are pretty much hand made from 1mm thick steel (shown in photo, was originally without paint, now with spray-paint.
    Other case parts are made of holed steel plates i had salvaged from other place.

    Panel case is installed at PSU case by screws, so it's possible to take it off, if needed.

    Wiring i put inside PSU, with heat-resistant cable to back-panel, where output would normally be.



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