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Flashing a LED with Mouse 2010-07-05

Don’t throw your old mouse do a fun project with it. This is the simplest project I have ever made. Some may have done a similar like this before but this is my own idea & I want to share the idea with you.

See Pic - 1

This is designed under a PS2 ordinary two button mouse. The cable is replaced by a 3mm blue LED bulb. So when any of the button is been pressed the LED bulb goes ON. That’s it.

By Replacing the LED with an IR bulb, LASER, any other BULB or a SENSOR can make it use in a different way. So it can have plenty names according to your output.
Even you can use as a Morse code.


The circuit is very simple as you can see in the fig - 2.The batteries (+) terminal is going through the two switches in the mouse. (The two switches must be connect according to the diagram below. Most mouse switches having 3pins you have to find the common pin & the push on contacting pin. The other copper tracks need to be disconnected.)
It’s leading to the LED’s (+) terminal via the R resistor. You can calculate the value of the R, it’s depending on the supply voltage & the LED voltage. Here I have used a 220ohm resistor to a 9V battery. [(9V- 2.5V) / (30/1000)] = 216.66 ohms.

See Fig – 2

Placing the components.

See Pic - 3

Placing is very simple. The battery is the only bigger part inside. For adequate room for battery the circuit board & the roller balls have to be cut & adjusted. If there is no such a room then you can alter the 9V battery to the AAA sizes as you wish. But make sure to adjust the R.I have replaced the R also inside the circuit board. All the copper tracks which were there in the board I have disconnected. Only taking the switch joints to connect the circuit wires.
The diameter of the mouse wire hole is ideal for 3mm LED bulb. You can attach a LED holder to that cut piece to hold the LED if necessary. And also I have added a battery clip for the 9V battery.

So it takes few minutes to complete this project. You can use this simple circuit for various things.

Try & workout.

Good luck
Gayan Soyza
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