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BSP (BlackjackStation Portable) 2010-01-05

Hi all,
This is the group project that we've been spending 3 months to work out (Oct '07 to Dec '07). I don't know why this title is chosen, in this subject, everyteam is doing the same project. So in order to get score higher, we have to make something different :D
This is basically a blackjack game with LCD text module and these are the spec required by the lecturer:
Battery operated 1%
Cost target: RM150 1%
Player’s start-up money specification 1%
Player’s bet increment and decrement specifications 2%
52 cards for each game (4 suites of 0-10, J Q and K) 2%
4 cards are drawn randomly when “Deal” is pressed 5%
One card is randomly drawn when “Hit” is pressed 2%
Dealer’s games begin when “Stay” is pressed 1%
Player’s bet increment and decrement functions 1%
A maximum of 5 cards can be drawn for each player 1%
In each game, drawn cards can not be re-used 5%
Dealer continues to draw if his total point is less then 16 2%
LCD display: cards, money and winner 5%
Determine win, loss or stand-off 1%
Design skills (hardware/software) 5%
Additional features 5%
  • Backup Mechanism
    • Remember player money when power is turned off.
    • Reset to RM100 only when reset button is pressed
  • Sleep mode
    • Sleep after 30 second
    • Wake up when the deal button is pressed
  • Game Statistics
    • Display game statistics such as total number of game win/loss/draw, total number of bust and total number of BJ/21
PCB design 5%
Total 45%
Either one addtional features can be chosen, but my group has successfully done all :D

To save the power consumed, before going into sleep, the LCD is turned of by the PIC, since it is powered directly from the PIC. The most challenging part is, when the PIC wake up, the LCD has to be reinitialized. Besides, the LCD must redisplay the page where before going into sleep. So in anywhere of the game (while adjusting the bet, while playing, while viewing the stastistic) the PIC will go to sleep if no button is pressed within 30 second. In anywhere of the game, the player will be able to view the statistic, total game, win, lose, draw, blackjack.

To score higher, we have to do something different. My group is using a 3 V button cell with a boost regulator LTC3401. The rest of them are using 9 V battery :D

For the randomness, since PIC16F88 is used

These are the spec of it:
Weight: approximately (100g)
Dimension: 95mm x 55 mm x 30mm
Color: Black
Shape: Rectangular

Standby mode (sleep) : 1275 hours (1.4mW)
Operating mode : 85 hours (21mW)

Battery: CR2450 3 V button cell
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