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Making Prototypes as a Career

Discussion in 'Jobs and Careers' started by Matienzo, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Matienzo

    Matienzo Member

    Jul 6, 2016
    Jacinto Arauz
    Hi there,

    I've been in engineering school for 3 years now and I'm planning on starting my own business once I'm done (probably a two/three years after I'm done)

    I've had manufacturing and design internships and so far my favorite has been making prototypes for a consumer products company ( I'm in this internship until Jan 20). Some of the projects you guys helped me to make, were the reason I got the latter internship and I'm so grateful for that. So I figure I'll ask you for advice once more because it has worked pretty well for me on the past :happy:

    I really like variety at work -and everywhere else. Having different projects really keeps my work from feeling like work. I'm currently in charge of the technical aspects of the products the guys at my company come up with (they are all industrial designers, I'm in ME). I really like electronics and I'm having so much fun making custom circuits (very very humble ones) in order to make a functional prototype. I've offered to make prototypes for this company once I'm gone and I think it will work so I'm thinking about prototyping as a career because there is so much about it that I love. I know it is kind of early to make such a consequential decision, but if I end up not liking it I can easily drop it and do something else. I also like business books a lot and I listen 2 or 3 startup/business audio-books a week (novels are for before bed only), but I've been always entrepreneurial.

    So here is my list of questions and I do not expect you to answer all, but this is what it is in my head now:
    • What do you call this type of business?
    • Are business like this in the US? Should I work on one of them to learn? (Probably Yes to both)
    • How do you charge for a service like this?
    • How do I find my niche? Should I narrow the scope of my services?
    • How do I find clients?
    I have more questions but are kind of vague, so I wait until I define them a bit more.

    Thanks in advance for your comments,
    Happy new year to all!


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